Oct 15

Hey Readers; today’s post is for the first event that Joshua attended last month, on September 20th, in the Saratoga Springs Family Community of Second Life.

That month, on its last day this year; I told you about it… Now, let’s get into the RP scene and have a look into what happen within that event, that day:

*Porter is already present within when Joshua arrives*

Joshua heads into the church, walks to the second pew on the left side; walks to the end, he sets his ‘Shark’ down to take his backpack off. He sits down on the pew after putting his backpack on the end, then picks up “Reef”.

Porter vocally greets the boy with, “Hey Joshua…”

Joshua signs, “Hey there…” as his reply.

Porter continues the conversation with, “You here to learn the bible?”

Joshua knows quite a lot about the bible, “There something to learn all the time….” he signs as an answer to the question.

Porter sighs “We’ll give it a few minutes. Usually it takes several weeks for people to start showing up. I am glad you came.”

*Kandee arrives*

Kandee greets Porter.

Porter replies with, “Hi Kandee…” then directs her to the little boy and continues, “Well,  Joshua here knows sign language.” He just signed to me.

Kandee replies to the statement with, “Ok.”

Porter says, “Quite a vocabulary, too.” and asks “Remember anything from College?”

She responds with, “Little bits…” continuing with, “We will manage.”

Porter tells Kandee the following, ” So… The adult class tonight; I was going to lead with Inventions of the fifteenth century found in the bible.” and “Maybe, we can start with something cool like that for Joshua.”

Kandee exclaims, “Awesome!”

Joshua hears the statement and thinks, “See… I didn’t even know that; learned a new thing about it.”

Porter looks at Joshua, “Hey buddy” he signs. “Sign slowly for Miss Kandee, and share with us what you know; I don’t want to bore you…” He continues with “Well… Maybe I do.” and gives the boy a wink.

Joshua does the quick yet easy sign, “Ok.”

Kandee signs to Joshua, “How are you?!”

Joshua signs in reply, “I’m… doing… Good. Went shopping… before… coming here.”

Porter starts the study with, “Ok… Well let’s talk about the cool things that God did.” He continues to sign while he speaks.

Kandee does a nod.

Porter tells, “In the beginning, God did all this cool stuff, according to the Book of Genesis.” then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a brand new kid’s bible for Joshua; signed “With Love, from Miss Kandee and Mr. Porter” He signs to the boy, “We had a feeling you would be here.” Then he asks towards Kandee, “So…  if you will help him; Kandee open to the picture of God creating man…”

Kandee quickly turns to the right page, gently tapping on the picture when she finds it.

Joshua signs, “You did?!” in response to the remark.

Porter then goes on after the exchange, “In Genesis, which is the first book; Chapter 2; ver. 7… We see that it states, “The Lord formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life…” He glances at the other two before finishing, “…and the man became a living being.”He take a moment;  “So… Here are two really cool things…” He pauses. “That maybe, we can focus on tonight.”

Porter continues on with, “First…” while allowing a second or two pause, “Science has discovered that the human body is comprised of some 28 trace elements…” He does another pause, “All of which are found…” He makes a motion for someone to raise their hand; to answer the question, “Where?”

Joshua takes a moment to ponder the statement…

As Porter waits for an answer; he asks a rhetorical question, “Is it…” pauses, “the movie theater?”

Kandee thinks, “Hmm…”; exclaims, “Popcorn…” as her answer.

Porter directs a question to Kandee, “Kandee; we like movies…” He pause before asking, “Can we find the trace elements there?”

Kandee replies, “I do not think so…”

Joshua slowly raises his hand.

Porter proceeds while approaching the podium with, “Well… I know what you are thinking…” He reaches behind the podium and pulls out two warms bags of popcorn. As he handles a bag over to Joshua and Kandee, he states, “But, nope, not at the theater….” Look at the boy, “Joshua, tell Miss Kandee where we find them.”

Joshua signs out his reply, “On earth; our planet?!”

Porter proclaims, “Yep… You got it, buddy!” with the gesture of ‘a big thumbs up.’

Kandee looks at Joshua, then to Porter; surprised.

Porter continues the bible study with; ” Interesting fact…” He says, “I just thought of it…” Imply the following statement(not that I am the only one to think of it) to everyone; “But… when someone has a heart attack…” He pauses mid-sentence; then finishes it off with, “What is the first thing we do?”

Joshua start to bounces in his seat, as he gets excited that he knows the answer, signs it out; “We… open their… mouth.”

Porter signs to Kandee, “You better read up,… this kid is going to take your job, sister.” while smirking at her. He then asks her and Joshua, “What do we do with their mouth?”

Joshua waits for Kandee to answer before he does.

Kandee ponders; “Hmm….” than answers, “We breathe into their mouth?!”

Porter asks another question, “Care to guess; what year CPR was invented?” He then pulls out his cellphone to look up the answer.

Joshua ponders.

Kandee blurts out, “1978” as her first guess then proclaims, “I love guessing…” She states another guess, “2003”…

Joshua signs, “I don’t know that one…”

Porter explains, “I had to look it up… ” He pauses, “I can’t answer this one” then signs for Joshua, “I kinda cheated.”

Joshua didn’t notice as he looks at the windows of the church.

Kandee smiles.

Porter exclaims, “First person to answer right, gets to…” Pauses for a second while he thinks, “Be the first person to answer right!”

Joshua signs, “312 A. D.” then realizes that he has make a mistake.

Porter laughs, ” You are so close, Joshua!”

Joshua  sighs, “I meant to say B.C.”

Porter laughs some more, “Nope.. Still close.” He proceeds with saying the answer while emphasizes a statement, “1,960 years after the birth of Jesus; there’s no telling how long there was between the creation of Adam; the dirt dude, and Jesus. and the year, again “1,960”

Porter then explains, “So, there are people who say that the Bible is a fairy-tale, and that it isn’t real(not if it’s fake).” He take a moment for a breath, “How did the bible know that breathing in someones mouth and nose was the breath of life, and how come all the trace minerals that make the body come up are from the earth?”

He continues with, “Just saying… I learned something this week.” then asks, “However, I want to hear what you two think.”

Kandee smiles then states, “Jeremiah 1:5” She read the entry, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou calmest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

Porter flips through his bible…

Joshua does a quick shrug of his shoulders to express that he currently doesn’t have an answer to sign.

Porter flips the pages until he comes to the one that has the entry, voices, “Nice” then asks, “Tell us why you brought up Jeremiah 1:5?”

Kandee responds, “Let me refer to Isaiah.”

Porter says, “Okay…”

Kandee flips to Isaiah; “Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein:” she reads out.

Joshua gets frighten; he nervously looks back at the front door and around the foyer of the church…

Kandee watches the boy and studies his eye movement; she looks around as well.

Joshua doesn’t hear the sound of a horse again; forgets his train of thought.

Porter signs after seeing his reaction, “The Spirit of the Lord should not be frightening, Joshua…”

Joshua “What were you asking?” he signs.

*At this point, I had to as Joshua; change how I would RP the answer that I had; felt that it wouldn’t be one that a boy his age would comprehend on expressing with other RP details that you all know.*

I get that the first part is saying that before we know that we, individually are known before we find ourselves.

*Harley, a horse arrives; because of another detail, I have to excluded the dialogue exchange with Porter and Harley*

And with the second part, the “heaven” is our universe that we’re still exploring and asking question about it.

*After this, I go back into how Joshua would react to the RP.*

Porter starts to end the evening’s bible study session.  “I think that is exactly what that means.” He starts with; “Even though WE don’t know what our choices and decisions are…” Pauses, “It seems that HE does, Joshua.”  “We are able to choose; but…” Porter takes a deep breath, “Looking at the timeline just of CPR and the scientific proof of the same trace elements in our bodies that are in the dirt…” He asks, “Doesn’t it make sense that we would want to just…” Pauses again, “you know at least be a little curious?” Porter continues with a statement, “That is another Bible meets Science question.” He asks Joshua the following questions before closing, “Would you like to lead bible study next week?” He take a moment and continues, “I’d give you a week to look that up and share…”

Joshua doesn’t answer.**

Joshua signs to the statement; “That is another Bible meets Science question.” his reply, “That it does.”

Porter then ask a final question that would head the next Bible Study session; “What does the Science say about the heavens, and how does the bible back it up?”

Joshua again, doesn’t respond.**

Porter realizes the time, “I think we need to come to a close, tonight.” then asks, “Can we pray before we do?” He looks to Kandee, “Miss Kandee, would you like to lead in Prayer?”

Kandee responds, “Sure…”

Porter signs to Joshua “We are praying now, sir”

Joshua bows his head.

Porter bows his head.

Kandee speaks and signs, “Dear Lord… Guide our hearts… To be more like you; may we lead by example and continue your work. We pray for peace in our world and ask for you to guide us in these uncertain times. We pray this in your name… Amen.”

Joshua looks back up watches them and wonders, “Why she is continuing  to sign?” He sighs, “Its not like we are deaf and can’t hear the prayer. Only those with impaired hearing would need to visually see the prayer.”**

Porter signs and silently whispers “Amen.”

After the prayer; Porter states, “Miss Kandee… Joshua, I need to take off; I need to clean the stalls and feed the dog.” He takes a moment, “Next Sunday… we’ll figure out a midway time. I have the sermon we delivered on Friendships online and in Bible Times from last year, re-written if you want to hear it again…”

Kandee replies, “Sure; Brother…” then says, “Take care, Joshua..”

Joshua doesn’t know what Porter is talking about.**

Porter says “See you soon, Joshua… I am glad you came. That bible has stickers in it, kiddo….”

Joshua signs, “Bye” as Porter and Kandee leave.

Porter walks outside; looks at the horse and goes back inside, “One second… I forgot something important.” He walks back to the boy; leans down and hugs Joshua,”You are a pretty good kid… Yo… Maybe this week we can go fishing!” he signs to the boy.

Joshua accepts the hug and signs back, “I know that… Really?!… I like fishing.”

Porter yells back into the church, “Really… Joshua… Tomorrow!”

Joshua set the Bible: Kid’s Edition down on the pew to put his backpack back on his shoulders; forgets the bible and his stuffed shark as he walks to the aisle and out of the church.**

*Porter leaves getting on Harley, the horse from earlier. Kandee leaves as well.*

*end of the scene*


Well, Readers; did you enjoy that? It did get rushed at the end; RP is about taking turns.

The lines that have two stars(**) are those that as Joshua, weren’t able to be written during the scene. They were added for the post. Also, let’s appreciate SIM where this RP scene happen and those that were in it:

Porter in SL is PORTER(comicwriter007)

Joshua is Joshua(joshuathighfield)

Kandee is Just Kandee(kandee.streamer)


Harley; since he was mention, is Harley Maximum Grey(namidator)

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