Sep 30

Hey Readers; as of this post, I’ve found… Actually, I have made more time to myself out in RL. With that, it means that several things have happened; the biggest being, I have quit the job that I was working at for most of this year; I haven’t been playing Eve Online since that action; and, I’ve come back to SL while I figure out what to do in RL until and/or after my trip next month for my birthday; which, I may write about after I return from it.

Anyways, telling you all of that isn’t the reason for this; it is to tell you that the setting for my RP story has progressed/changed some. The setting of the story first originated to be set near a coastal town/city then, with me finding about Crack Den in SL; I started to reset the setting there. Well, that didn’t progress too much.

I do have an Arc for the story that moves it from CD to where it may stay for a few years as this location within SL, better satisfies how I want to progress my RP story…

That’s right, you guessed it; the Family Community of Saratoga Springs.


Saratoga Springs Group


From what I’ve been told so far, the community is based on the RL city in New York state of the same name. Within SL, it uses four SIMs to make its community. In them, you can find a lot; luxury homes(to rent), shops to browse, a community pool and much more that would be required to make a community and create a SL family.

Come check them out…

Welcome Center of the Saratoga Springs Family Community

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