Nov 30

I am sure that all of you have been wondering that question…

Well, looking back to the posts that I have done; its apparent that I’d missed doing at least 7 to 8 other posts.

In those months, RL got a hold of me, discovered an online game known as Eve Online, and really haven’t been around SL because of numerous reasons(Eve Online, mainly).

This post is mainly to inform you, readers; that I am going to change a few things with being the author of this blog.

In “Sneak Peak”, I mentioned that I would be doing a posting on the fifteenth of every month; then in “A Surprise, Somewhat”, mentioned that I could do a posting on the thirtieth as well if I chose to do so. Well, I still be doing that to a sense; I will be posting on those days or, really have a post published as if it was written on either day but, not every month.

Then, with “”Short” Story Postponed” I mentioned that I am working on one titled, “The Highfield Family Grows”. Well, I have shorten its title to “The Highfield’s Grow” and I am, in fact, still working on it.

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