Mar 15

Well, readers; allow me to tell you how my vacation went. Hence, the reasoning if you have been following my blog, why there isn’t one posted for last month.

To put it briefly, that is how my vacation was; brief… Getting down to where my friend, her son, and I were going went well. Our first night is where our stay turned brief. See; our plan for our vacation was to spend most of our two weeks that we had, in Veracruz, Mexico. But, since my friends son was joining us this year, we came to the agreement to spend our first two nights in Mexico City.

We were in Mexico City because we wanted to this year, see the ruins that were near that city and do other things that just isn’t in Veracruz; plus, so that my friends son could finally meet his grandparents, whom live closer to Mexico City than Veracruz.

The night was going well until I got a knock at the door of my hotel room. This particular hotel wouldn’t allow us to book three people in a two bed hotel room. We had to book two separate rooms… Anyways, before we had gone back to the hotel for the night; we ate at McDonald’s. Well, My friends son decided that he would get some dessert; an Oreo con Kranky… Not knowing that the “Kranky” part of the dessert was chile peppers added to the ice cream. So, back to the knock; my friend had came to me to inform that her son is having stomach pain thinking that it was that dessert. It was serious enough to where had to call an ambulance and get him to the hospital. Well, there they concluded that it was appendicitis; which it wasn’t…. But, thinking that it was that, we were in a bind; have surgery there or risk his life and fly back and see if it really is appendicitis.

We ended up taking a bus back to Veracruz since that is how we got to Mexico City. Then, flying from there to home since most of luggage, we had keep in our hotel room that we had in Veracruz and only brought what we needed for our short stay in Mexico City. I am realizing that explaining this, isn’t brief… Anyways, my friends “stomach pain” was actually a kidney stone, which of, we don’t know why didn’t show up on the X-Ray.

Next time, hopefully you’ll be reading “The Highfield’s Grow” as my next entry…

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