Nov 15


¡Hola ¿Cómo estás?

Right… Most of you, probably have no idea what I just said. That’s ok… “Hello! How are you?” is the translation of that greeting. I greeted you that way because I at first, I couldn’t think of how to introduce myself as the author/blogger to this blog and that; that greeting is Spanish. Which in real life(RL); I know a few phrases given that my father is Mexican although if you saw me, you wouldn’t see that connection.

Two days ago; to those that read that entry, today is the restart of this blog. I, as the author; figured that the best way to restart this blog that I have had for some time, just haven’t been consistent with, was to do the first entry as an “Introduction”, hence the title of this entry.

First off, being the author of this; I want you, the readers, should I actually start to have some, know that I have decided to use a pen-name, “P. J. Highfield” to keep my identity safe, well safe enough to where it feels comfortable for me to tell you the stories that I created around Second Life and one which I adapted to that virtual world; which was the reason that I continue logging into that world and is the reason why I requested to have this blog created.

I, now realize that this entry isn’t appearing much like the introduction that I had envisioned. Oh well… At least, I have one.

Next month, I may have two entries for you to read… One, will be a brief description of Second Life(SL) with how I see it and the other, about my first character and his story; which has a major change since being in SL, to where his now involves him having a twin.

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