Nov 13

In two days, I will be restarting this blog of mine… Well, making every 15th of each month; the day that a new entry is posted or several are posted.

Below, are a few of my characters to several stories, with one that includes all of my characters as a whole; that I have adapted to “live” within a virtual world known as Second Life(SL) with their SL account names in parenthesis, that this blog will be about:

Joshua T. Highfield/Lockhart(PJ Highfield/JoshuaTHighfield Resident)

Douglas M. Highfield/Lockhart(Highfield McAndrews/DouglasMHighfield Resident)

Nikon Genesis(Nikon Genesis)

Ardyn Lexington(Ardyn Lexington)

Mariah Chiung(Mariah Chiung)

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