Nov 30

I am sure that all of you have been wondering that question…

Well, looking back to the posts that I have done; its apparent that I’d missed doing at least 7 to 8 other posts.

In those months, RL got a hold of me, discovered an online game known as Eve Online, and really haven’t been around SL because of numerous reasons(Eve Online, mainly).

This post is mainly to inform you, readers; that I am going to change a few things with being the author of this blog.

In “Sneak Peak”, I mentioned that I would be doing a posting on the fifteenth of every month; then in “A Surprise, Somewhat”, mentioned that I could do a posting on the thirtieth as well if I chose to do so. Well, I still be doing that to a sense; I will be posting on those days or, really have a post published as if it was written on either day but, not every month.

Then, with “”Short” Story Postponed” I mentioned that I am working on one titled, “The Highfield Family Grows”. Well, I have shorten its title to “The Highfield’s Grow” and I am, in fact, still working on it.

Mar 15

Well, readers; allow me to tell you how my vacation went. Hence, the reasoning if you have been following my blog, why there isn’t one posted for last month.

To put it briefly, that is how my vacation was; brief… Getting down to where my friend, her son, and I were going went well. Our first night is where our stay turned brief. See; our plan for our vacation was to spend most of our two weeks that we had, in Veracruz, Mexico. But, since my friends son was joining us this year, we came to the agreement to spend our first two nights in Mexico City.

We were in Mexico City because we wanted to this year, see the ruins that were near that city and do other things that just isn’t in Veracruz; plus, so that my friends son could finally meet his grandparents, whom live closer to Mexico City than Veracruz.

The night was going well until I got a knock at the door of my hotel room. This particular hotel wouldn’t allow us to book three people in a two bed hotel room. We had to book two separate rooms… Anyways, before we had gone back to the hotel for the night; we ate at McDonald’s. Well, My friends son decided that he would get some dessert; an Oreo con Kranky… Not knowing that the “Kranky” part of the dessert was chile peppers added to the ice cream. So, back to the knock; my friend had came to me to inform that her son is having stomach pain thinking that it was that dessert. It was serious enough to where had to call an ambulance and get him to the hospital. Well, there they concluded that it was appendicitis; which it wasn’t…. But, thinking that it was that, we were in a bind; have surgery there or risk his life and fly back and see if it really is appendicitis.

We ended up taking a bus back to Veracruz since that is how we got to Mexico City. Then, flying from there to home since most of luggage, we had keep in our hotel room that we had in Veracruz and only brought what we needed for our short stay in Mexico City. I am realizing that explaining this, isn’t brief… Anyways, my friends “stomach pain” was actually a kidney stone, which of, we don’t know why didn’t show up on the X-Ray.

Next time, hopefully you’ll be reading “The Highfield’s Grow” as my next entry…

Jan 15

Before I get to explaining the title of the entry, I am going to say; Happy New Year! Yes, I know that I’m expressing it quite a few days behind; but, I hope that your 2013 will be bright.

Now, onto explaining the title…

The first entry that I had planned to write for this year, would have been titled “The Highfield Family Grows” But, I realized that I need more time to work on it and with that, you may not see that actual story til March 15th.

Next month, you will possibly be able to read it. The only reason that you may not, is because I will be on vacation.

Dec 30

First off, I gave this entry’s title; to be more of a statement… Yes, this month has the biggest holiday that everyone looks forward to, but that is only to those that care to really celebrate it.

This entry, is just really to keep up my “Monthly Goal”… There, would have been several entries this month; but, with the event that happened in RL prior to the day that I was going to post my monthly entry. It turned this month’s plan, off course.

Well, I don’t have much more to say…. See ya.

Nov 30

Well, this should be a surprise…  I am writing a entry before the 15th of next month.

Actually, its not really a surprise as I decide that one of the entries that I was going to do on the 15th of December could be done on the 30th of November. I figured that I can actually do; if I chose, do two entries a month if the month is considered of 30 days. Having each entries roughly two weeks apart.

Well, after reading my “Introduction” entry, I realized that I had already told you about SL. Its an Virtual World much like WoW, SWTOR, and IMVU. Also, but not to great detail how I view SL.

I view SL as an aid to the visual aspects of my story… Well, several of them as I, while being virtual in it have created, changed, and/or added more story-lines to the main one that I came to SL for help.

This sums up the idea of my blog, I think… Hope any of you that are reading this, are looking forward to meeting my first/second character.

Nov 15


¡Hola ¿Cómo estás?

Right… Most of you, probably have no idea what I just said. That’s ok… “Hello! How are you?” is the translation of that greeting. I greeted you that way because I at first, I couldn’t think of how to introduce myself as the author/blogger to this blog and that; that greeting is Spanish. Which in real life(RL); I know a few phrases given that my father is Mexican although if you saw me, you wouldn’t see that connection.

Two days ago; to those that read that entry, today is the restart of this blog. I, as the author; figured that the best way to restart this blog that I have had for some time, just haven’t been consistent with, was to do the first entry as an “Introduction”, hence the title of this entry.

First off, being the author of this; I want you, the readers, should I actually start to have some, know that I have decided to use a pen-name, “P. J. Highfield” to keep my identity safe, well safe enough to where it feels comfortable for me to tell you the stories that I created around Second Life and one which I adapted to that virtual world; which was the reason that I continue logging into that world and is the reason why I requested to have this blog created.

I, now realize that this entry isn’t appearing much like the introduction that I had envisioned. Oh well… At least, I have one.

Next month, I may have two entries for you to read… One, will be a brief description of Second Life(SL) with how I see it and the other, about my first character and his story; which has a major change since being in SL, to where his now involves him having a twin.

Nov 13

In two days, I will be restarting this blog of mine… Well, making every 15th of each month; the day that a new entry is posted or several are posted.

Below, are a few of my characters to several stories, with one that includes all of my characters as a whole; that I have adapted to “live” within a virtual world known as Second Life(SL) with their SL account names in parenthesis, that this blog will be about:

Joshua T. Highfield/Lockhart(PJ Highfield/JoshuaTHighfield Resident)

Douglas M. Highfield/Lockhart(Highfield McAndrews/DouglasMHighfield Resident)

Nikon Genesis(Nikon Genesis)

Ardyn Lexington(Ardyn Lexington)

Mariah Chiung(Mariah Chiung)